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Compulsive Liars

March 2024
Everyone lies – except for Jesus Christ and possibly George Washington if you believe the cherry tree story. Its normal for children to lie when facing possible punishment. 

Bullied – What Should I Do?

September 2023
As an ER physician I see people everyday who are being bullied. The obvious cases are those of physical abuse – the swollen faces, blackened eyes, broken bones, cigarette burns, etc.

Adult Bullying – Its a Real Thing

July 2023
When most people think of bullying, they recall their school days. The name calling, ostracizing, intimidating, shoving, ear flickering, taunting good ole days of elementary and high school.

Woke Or Not?

April 2023
Is _Mentors and Tormentors_ a “woke book”? I dont know. Maybe.

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