Tired of being manipulated?

Can’t tell people no?

Worried about what other people think?


Feel depressed or emotionally worn-out?

Well, join the club. Most people have the same problems. Fortunately, Dr. Jones has written an instruction manual disguised as a coming-of-age story. Mentors and Tormentors will teach you how to boost your self-respect, handle oppressive people, and live the life you want.

Meet the Author

I am a board-certified family physician who has always had an interest in personal development. After treating and counseling thousands of patients over the past 35 years, I realized a universal truth: All our decisions, interactions, dreams, and goals are determined by our level of self-respect.

My sincere goal is to pass on the lessons I have learned so that people, whom I will never have the privilege to meet, can elevate and solidify their self-respect and live a happier life.

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